Stone, wood, iron

The Pognana Castle and its bicentenary history need not particularly sought after ingredients. Stone, wood and iron are the three pillars on which stands this ancient fortification. The stone, in walls, in the pure stone of Moltrasio, in the stone slabs resting on the roofs and chimneys floors. Wood, precious friend that can warm the coldest and humid days, worked with great care to forge agricultural tools still present in the castle; and again, sleds, gerli and other transport tools now almost forgotten by younger generations. Finally, iron, aged and tanned by the rust of decades of bad weather yet still so alive, so hot, so faithful. Chains and bolts, iron bars and grates, knives and banners that recall ancient times and embedding the Pognana Castle in an ancient dimension, humble and yet so noble.

Here they are all three together, in one click. Stone, wood, iron, once again ready to hold each other hand in hand.