The book from which we extracted the text present on this page

In a step of publishing, outdated, published by the Rotaract Club of Como, they are explained in great detail some aspects of Pognana Castle.

It reads thus in the volume “Nessus and Pognana: invitation to a discovery” an interesting passage …

“Climbing a bit towards the mountain, they come across, just below the castle in a difficult to access area, a typical building which also has the characteristic balcony with wrought iron railings. The building is not inhabited, but in good condition.
Continuing upstream, the last building is represented by its castle (fig. 53), also visible from the road to the lake; was originally used as a fortress, he was later inhabited.

Today the castle is well preserved and has hosted for years as well as a tobacco shop; entering, on the left, you can access in a room that retains some of the original furnishings, including a remarkable fireplace with carved stone fireplace and a mirror with gilded frame; Everything is in excellent condition (Fig. 54).
Opposite the entrance there are the stairs that lead to a panoramic internal garden.
The premises of the upper floor are inhabited occasionally and some have frescoed ceilings in eighteenth-century style (fig. 55-56), now unfortunately partially danneggati moisture “.

The interior of the castle, was stripped original furniture to prevent it from falling into the crosshairs of attackers and is now under the control of the Romano family, owners of the historic Castle.