The Pognana Castle is located halfway up in the town of Pognana Lario in the ancient village known as “Fighine Castle”. Including characteristic stone alleys and centuries-old rural housing, the Pognana Castle dates back to the beginning of 1800.

Home-1Developed on six floors, the castle is composed of a main building and an additional adjacent buildings. As per tradition, between the stones and the centuries old stone walls, always it hosts many wild fig trees that, at the end of the summer, generously reward the locals giving fruits of exquisite quality and reputation.

A terraced garden adorned with an old wash house in petra surround the Castle, caressed by the torrent waters “valley” which conveys the waters of the lake in mountains above.

Pognana Lario, natureResidence of the Romano family, the castle has been for decades inn that hosted travelers and noble prelates, but not forgetting the popular commitment as posteria and tobacco shop, serving the residents of the place during the difficult years of the Second World War.

Inside the Castle Pognana therefore are the unmistakable signs of this double historical activity, alternating frescoed rooms with other more humble once devoted to customer socializing in front of the hot flame of a large fireplace and a glass of wine; and again, stoops down the stairs, bronze sculptures, large and characteristic chimneys and objects and utensils that recall the last century.

Every visit to the Pognana castle offers a journey through history, a long run between emotions and adventures of the past but also breathtaking views cantilevered over the waters of Lake Como, for a moment of contemplation of nature that fascinates and never ceases to amaze.

Pognana Lario, vista su George Clooney
View on George Clooney house

Far away from the past and projecting into a more ephemeral present, how can we not mention the panoramic balcony located right in front of George Clooney’s villa, in that of Laglio? The unique, front-facing view of the glorious patrician home of the Hollywood star, located on the opposite bank of the Lario, makes Pognana Castle one of the favorite places of international media paparazzi.